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Management of properties has been subcontracted to off-site an independent management company (Hadrian Property Management) to ensure residents do not manage residents. This has proved successful over the last two years since its implementation thereby ensuring that tribunals and disagreements do not happen at Bretby Hall. 


Bretby Hall Freeholders Limited (BHFL) has a board of professionals who, as volunteers, respect the heritage of this magnificent building where we are privileged to live in the best of surroundings. We help ensure the memory of it's history is not forgotten with it's grand stair case while showing respect to the 200 year old iron crests still on the stairs as shown here.

We help support Hadrians the independent property management subcontractor if required, for example with share transfers. All properties sold a long time ago, but we do get to hear of properties coming on the market, and we are happy to transfer you to the estate agents. The properties range roughly between 200k to over £1M. BHFL can now arrange for the extension of leases on request to 999 years in line with the direction of government policy on leasehold. 

It is the hope of BHFL to produce income from this website to offset maintenance fees in the future so a high standard of maintenance can be maintained while maximising property value.